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Monday, February 09, 2004



How is Russel's jaw? I have been treated for an odontogenic keratocyst since Dec. 2003. It grew as a result of a bad infection in two of my never-had-a -cavity lower incisors(the dentist saved the teeth). My dentist, though, did not follow-up and discovered the cyst only after it was 2 cm. by 1 1/2 cm. big. I didn't know it was there. The surgeon removed it, but 9 mo. later it came back. I'm now being treated by a new technique called "marsupialization", which involves poking a hole through the gum into the cyst and keeping the cyst open for a year. How, you say? Well, my surgeon used a short piece of IV tubing, sewed silk sutures into it, put the tube into the cyst, then tied it to my teeth. (The cyst is between the teeth). It was small the second time.When the cyst was "popped" it immediately stopped growing.It needs internal pressure to grow. Well, I flush the tube out morning and night with Perio Gard (Chlorhexidine Gluconate 0.12%) via a little syringe.No infection. It has been 6 weeks and the swelling is gone and parts of the cyst are coming out each time.They will x ray again in 2 weeks.It could be up to a year, but my surgeon says either the cyst will be gone, it will be a small ball of scar tissue that can be easily removed, or that the disinfectant could change the cells to a non-agressive kind of cyst. So far, so good, and the tube in my gum does not hurt and I am able to chew on the other side. I can talk fine, and the tube does not chafe my cheek. My surgeon teaches at the University of California, San Francisco, Dental Hospital, and they have had good results curing these cysts this way, and I can keep my teeth.Best wishes to Russell.

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