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Thursday, June 30, 2005



Yes these fucking English morons. People from the US simply hate violence and would never be a idol for stupid teens: http://www.bumfights.com/

Jim Howard

Let me get this right Winston. You a German are saying that the people of the United States are what?
You did learn world history in your German schools? You do know who started World War One and World War Two?
OK OK maybe the German school do not teach WORLD history but they do teach GERMAN history correct?
Winston if you can't say anything good about the United States maybe you should just not say anything.
Also I wonder if you ever heard of the Truman Plan and the Marshall Plan for Europe and Germany. I do not think in all the history of the world any nation went to war and then defeated any enemy, like Germany and Japan, and then turned around and do so much for them.
I do not think we say much about it. It is just the way Americans acts.
Shame on you Winston.


What i was trying to say was just that happy slaping could be inspired through bumfights.

But shame on you Jim to divide people into Americans, British, Germans. I never would do that. You should leave cheap patriotism to other people or join a party.


jim what a stupid reply!!!
First you totally did not get what he meant.
Second,I wonder which country started/got involved in more wars ?
For your information:
The US regarding post WWII in Germany did nothing but splitting it to it's convenience and use it in the cold war, there was nothing selfish or humanitarian.
About Japan, after the big fucking mess they did there with the nukes, what else could they do but try to clean the proverbial fan of the megatons of shit they threw at it?? what???
Get your facts straight, maybe your school did not really teach you world history, maybe some "world history according to what makes the US look good"
Don't point any fingers, as they say in Portugal when you a finger at someone, there are 3 pointing back at you (literally lol)
And more, since you know little about what goes on outside your bubble, ask winston if his country would ever let him go on pissing his pants because he can't afford a fucking Dr ?? No!! , you know why? Most countries in Europe (all??) actually take care of their citizens and he has a Dr available any time he needs for free!!!
This is one world, "one" people.

Jim Howard

Well it sure would not be the United States that got into a lot of wars. I can almost count on one hand our number of wars.
The United States did not want an iron curtain to come down across Europe after WWII. It was not a master plan, you give us too much credit, the USSR did not keep it word. Our people were tried of war and we had told them that the USSR was fighting with us. We could not have turned our army on the USSR at that time. Truth also we did not have near the troops to fight them. Plus we had another war in progress that was going to be a blood bath if we had not used nuclear weapons.
I have always been anti-nuke. But at that time and place it was the best thing for the United States and for Japan. Japan was going to fight with women and children house to house. It would have cost them millions of dead. We would also have lost many many troops. It is too bad that Japn started the war and too bad they could not end it before we had to use the weapons.
You need to read over again history. The United States, like any nation, has made errors from time to time.
One of the errors we made in the past was that we wanted no part of what you folks do over on the other side of the oceans. George Washington warned us about geting into thing with all. There is still strong feeling in this nation about keeping to our self.
We are not the big bad nation that you think we are...
Right now..I think you folks are thinking.. that China can be your best bud and trading buddy.
I think you would do well to look at history.
I think I know history very well.

Because of the "freedom" in this nation and the form of free government that we have.. lots of things.. like national health care.. we do not have.. Your correct.. we are about the only place in the world that does not have health care.
We have our problems in this nation. All nations have problems.
But we have been the best of friends with people around the world.
My family came from Germany to the United States and from County Cook in Ireland.


Jim no reason to watch CNN, Fox News is simply made for YOU. And I really thought you were surfing the internet since years. Not really,only American mainstream sites, huh?
"A nuke was the best thing for Japan. " When you ever have the money to see a doctor let him first take a good look at your brain before you show him your prostate. And yes we are all bloody communists and china fans. And yes I started World war 1 +2 , although I wasn't born. It was hard to hold my mp, but I somehow made it...

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