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Tuesday, June 28, 2005



Well he certainly says exactly how he feels about things. Looks like some are going to be losing their positions. I hope it isn't you Jim. I hope he will realize that you are a good worker (you say you are lol!)
and perhaps keeps you as a tagger or
merchandiser. Whenever the boss finds that their stores aren't making money then they
start thinking of ways to save on salaries.
Seems to me that the clerks should be helping keep the place picked up and clean. The store couldn't be busy 100% of the time.
I've always heard a saying in the work industry "If you are leaning, then you need to be cleaning." Thus he should see if some of those clerks are wasting some time that they could be helping out in other areas. Start looking around just in case.

Jim Howard

He is an easy man to read. That is why I wonder sometimes if he is a good actor.
This store is making money. It is number one is most if not all areas. It is x% each month over it was last year. It leads in number areas.
The amount of business the store does is the reason he can afford to hire extra people to do the stocking and other stuff. At the other stores often those sales people would be leaning.
I think this store needs the stocker and taggers they have now. Remember I think I told you that before I went to work for the store I was a customer and I never got anything that was priced correct. I would pick out something and take it to the cashier and the price was alway not the same. Also ..I know I posted here about the meeting were the supervisor said that since the other tagger and I started that the number of times he was called to the cashier each day went from 10 or 15 times a day down to none or one or two times a day. He was being called to the cashier because of the wrong price on items.
I am working non stop when I go to work but I do not think I am getting as much done as I did before. The reason is that the supervisor has certain things he wants me to do first. He has "bulk" areas and end caps and strips that he wants me to walk the entire store and check first. He wants that done to keep the main guy happy. So it is sort of knee jerk work.. each time the main boss is upset and that is often...they try and make him happy. It might be better to tell him ...let me do my work and tell him to his office. I have done that in the past .. years ago when I worked security..
You could not do that when this guy however..I would love to see one someone do it however. Smile

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