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Thursday, August 30, 2007



Did you try renaming the "Video" folder in its directory to anything else? Most change it to "Video1." That may not work, but it has been a fix for many with this problem.


i really have the same problem with this dmcr.exe file, i do not know what shall i do to over it .i tried to download another file called dmcr.exe but know the message tell me that i miss the file ichat.dll


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If i am running this with Vista (shitty), what would i need to change to get the game to work?

craig hutton

I have just bought cossacks anthology when loading the game i get this msg dmcr.exe.

How do i fix please help


How do i get to the video file in the dmcr directory to change it to video1

mark biddlecombe

HI guys cheers for your help..i had the same problem with the drmc.exe.

For anyone who has the problem:
1.go into my computer..then program files, then cossacks..open the video folder
2.there should be 3 videos jus rename them to anythink.then try the game again.

HaZwAn- mlysia-

hey... im here want to tech you how to Solve Cossacks-EW problem... the problem is keep getting an error with "dmcr.exe"... if you have this problem, i know how to solve..

*first install game normally...
*then crack it..
*then try to play..
*if not working go to this site and click'download now'


this is new patch... then you copy this patch that you download to FOLDER of Cossacks-EW... then click the patch and install its...

after finish, try to play.. now you can play cossacks-EW... Enjoy its.. i do this trick when i cant play cossacks-EW.. now i can play, and i enjoy..

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