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Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Dick Williams

This campaign was successful and they've raised over 60k - more than enough to keep the steam generator pumping out the simulated flame for over a year. Some large contributions but lots of small ones also - got the job done in just a few days.

The story of how quickly they raised the initial construction money is remarkable - 2.5 million dollars in 10 days in the 1920s. More so in fact than raising 65K this week and in that era it was a multitude of nickles and dimes and dollars that built the Memorial. A nice monument - one of Kansas City's centerpieces along with the nearby Union Station.

Poll shows 80% favor keeping the flame lit and 16% said - no, not work 45K per year.

Dick in KC

Followup article on the Liberty Memorial fundraising:

Cute Fourth of July - Dress a Hot Dog item:

hit the SLIDESHOW link to see a ton of entries - pretty clever some of them.

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