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Monday, September 29, 2008



Sean Hannity is on the Fox Biased-News cable channel - I think on talk radio also and he is influential. He's a verbal bully toward anyone who disagrees and I don't find him appealing but he does carry a lot of weight with a nightly show where many get their talking point for blogs and the next days rants against Obama and Biden.

Hannity is big on blaming all this on guess who? Yes, it's all Bill Clinton. Now Clinton left office in January 2001 - the Republicans controlled both houses of Congress and still the problems in 2008 are laid at Clinton's door - a very dicey argument int eh first place and completely ignoring all the intervening, Gingrich, Hastert, Bush, Cheney years. It's ludicrous and they get away with it. I'm sure Rush is singing the same song but I seldom hear him.

Enough greed and blame to go around - where was the SEC, the state agencies that oversee lenders. The atmosphere was free market to the max and if somebody didn't remotely qualify for a mortgage under the old rules, write new rules and worry later about how they'll pay or what their past credit history might have been. I'd agree both parties gave up oversight including Chris Dodd who was portrayed this morning on the talk shows as Moses - white mane of hair and speaking as the voice of wisdom and reason. Which I think he is but he too has to share some responsibility as a long time member of the Banking Committee and current Chairman. The blame game hinders discussion and I wish both sides would just agree lots of agencies and individuals were at fault - deal with the immediate problem and write the report later.

But putting all this back on Bill Clinton is a stretch and a half. There are no Bush loyalists anymore - his own party is trashing him - and his announcements are sort of tossed away. He looked pretty ineffective this morning and was just mouthing words - absolutely no FDR in that little outdoor statement of his.

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