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Thursday, July 30, 2009



Which fucking moron you go this from?
Even with my poor English I understood this is about sustaining life by artificial means and how a lot of people make a decision before hand as if they want their life artificially prolonged or not in case of severe trauma or illness, but a lot of people do not and the time comes it is very complicated.
And in any case, in such a situation, with Dr input, it would be euthanasia and not suicide, some more advanced countries already have legal provisions for it.
Of course fucking right wings idiots have to try to make of this something to scare the idiots that do not know how to read for themselves.


I would like to see the source of your first quote above, thanks.I didn't get this email, but this message is a result of sarcastic people who feel compelled to get attention, and everyone is right to check it out and find out for themselves what is really stated in the bill. Thank you for your help on this. I am grateful we can all study it thru the month of August, democracy prevailed!!

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