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Thursday, July 16, 2009


Joe 2.0

Had footage of the entire evening's local news coverage at one time. But VHS had won the battle and none of my VHS tape of that vintage is viewable now. Nearly 100% snow, didn't get to digitize it in time. Curiously I still have Betamax material that's a touch older, yet works!


Thanks for posting the link to that program - good review and I learned some things I never knew. A tragedy waiting to happen for sure but the lessons learned strengthened building codes and awareness nationwide so some good did come from it.

There is just now a move to construct a memorial to the disaster but removed from the scene on Gilham. Frank Freeman who's featured in the program lost his partner, Roger, in the disaster and Freeman is now the President of the Memorial Foundation.


Foundation website: http://skywalkmemorial.org/

Amazing that 30 years has elapsed and just now a move to have a permanent memorial. In general commercial firms don't wish to memorialize disasters or have their property become memorial landmarks. I don't know if there's anything in the lobby to commemorate the disaster or not.

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