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Monday, September 28, 2009



Jim said: "Plus we got about 10% of the people that will believe any wild and strange story."

I think that's the key to the times - and I'd up the percentage to 20% maybe 25%. Witness the "birthers" - those who question a valid state of Hawaii birth certificate - among Republicans that percentage soars to 42% per a recent poll by Public Policy Polling at: http://www.publicpolicypolling.com/pdf/PPP_Release_National_9231210.pdf.

So yes, the administration has two strikes against it from the outset with a significant percentage of the populace and anything that befalls them within a year of receiving a vaccination will be directly linked to the vaccination. In their minds.

Supercharged times. It's good to question everything you read but try to set personal and political bias aside. Once you've done the research go with the evidence. And be careful where you do the research - the internet is full of misleading, slanted websites.

Joe Taibi

They're saying these things as a preemptive strike because they know full well the injections are going to outright kill and otherwise sicken thousands so that they die later from the complications or other abnormalities said injections will adversely affect or otherwise create in recipients. They're so sure of it based upon the data from the 70's that they've already legislated immunity from legal action for restitution from the Doctors and pharmaceutical companies involved ahead of time.

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