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Friday, October 02, 2009


Joe Taibi

Just because he's the boss doesn't mean he coerced any of the women to sleep with him. The reality is that the majority of people in this society do strike up relationships with coworkers and often times these relations may or may not lead to anything more than a few sexual encounters. You're drawing some major conclusions based on nothing more than supposition. Falling prey to what's truly wrong with what passes for news reporting these days. People are tried in the media and convicted in people's minds long before anything approaching factual evidence is presented. Unless it comes to light that there was in fact coercion involved in getting anyone to have sex with him, it will turn out that there was nothing newsworthy about this other than the attempted extortion. Even if it happened during the mere 7 months since the man was married. He is not an elected official but merely a late night entertainer. Nothing to see here and nothing creepy about it unless it's proven he harassed the women into the encounters.

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