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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Joe Taibi

when are you moving again?

Joe Taibi

btw how is ubuntu etc at directing you to necessary plug-ins etc when you use it and surf the web? Also basic email utils and antivirus etc. Thinking of trying it on one of my kid's older computers with 512M Ram and 2.5 Ghz CPU.

Jim Howard

Russell and I will fly out of Miami on Friday. We are going to Fort Worth. I hope I never move again. If I move again I home I just have a laptop computer.. Moving my desktop computes is the big problem.

Jim Howard

Ubuntu gets better and better at plug-ins. Ubunti is excellent for older computers.
Ubuntu will send you a DVD for free. When you boot up you can decide to run Ubuntu (Live) just from the DVD. Then you can see how your computer works with Ubuntu.
Then if it works OK for you you can install to your hard drive if you wish. Ubuntu is also good at setting up as a dual boot system..so you can pick if you want to run it or Windows.
The problem I see with Ubuntu is some software does not run with it.. I got a radio scanner and the software for me to control that radio does not run. There are things like that you run into.. often you can find software to replace what will not run.
I just installed the newest very of Ubuntu 9.10 and am checking it out now. So far no problems.

Jim Howard

I forgot to answer a couple of your questions.
Email is great with Ubuntu. Ubuntu is great with the basic Internet stuff...surfing, email etc.
Anti-virus.. I never run an anti-virus program with Ubutnu! I am not sure there are any programs like that.. Linux virus are not a problem.. Windows is the problem.
I hope I do not have to eat those words... But I have never had a virus problem with Ubuntu.


I was having the issues with ubuntu myself a while back and found it to be in the Bios on my system , it is a custom build desktop, what i found was the ACPI settings in the bios were wrong I think it had an auto button and after i selected that i have had no random reboots.

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