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Monday, March 29, 2010



I had a few months with Radio Shack also - about a year before I retired from the NWS (Nov and Dec 98 probably) and I thought Radio Shack might be my post-retirement part time gig. I was in the Metro North store and never had any plans to do more than work the floor.

I wasn't particularly good at it to be honest - I'm not great in close quarters with people, not a natural salesman, a poor closer and Radio Shack is all about closing and selling more than the customer comes in to buy. The complicated stuff like cellular contracts and computer packages were not my strong points. I think they transitioned from Compaq to IBM PC while I was there - it was sort of chaotic.

Nothing dramatic - I was working over Christmas and after the Christmas rush and one last inventory I said my goodbye on good terms but never regretted leaving. They go through a lot of employees - low pay - you had to sell Sprint PCS contracts or computer systems in that era to make anything. Otherwise it was a minimum wage job.

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