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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Anthony D. Jordan

Most heterosexuals must have some gay in them, because they also participate in those sex acts you were referring to. So a person's sexual orientation should not preclude them from receiving equal rights?

Jim Howard

I will carry it a step past that...Let us take males. I think that male "heterosexuals" have some gay in them. So take, as an example, 100 heterosexual males and say we have a scale of 1 to 10. Say a 1 is 100% gay. Say 10 is 100% not gay. I think each male is going to fall someplace on that scale. Of course we all are going to say we are 10 on the scale.
Is any male going to be 10 on the scale. I would say yes.. but I would say it is 40% of males. The other 60% I would say would fall someplace else on the scale.
I knew a guy that would buy gay videos but he would not buy them if there was a guy in the video. So he ended up with women doing each other. I was thinking that was just his thing..liking seeing women do each other. Later in life I found out he was gay.
It is to bad that people can not be honest with them self and with other people. It is to bad that we can not be accepting of other people.
I am not sure if any study has been done.. My guess is many have been doing...
Back in 2005 I posted about the Gay Meter. It is an online test you take to see how gay you are. Here is the link: http://bit.ly/a1K5Yg
I took the test and it had me as 50% gay!
A very gay online friend took it and it had him as less gay that me!
I just took the test again and it says I am now 53% gay! My God, I am getting gayer with each year.

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