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Sunday, September 26, 2010



btw, the sign in with Facebook option isn't working here. Had to use Twitter. To be honest this has become by biggest pet peeve concerning attempting to comment *anywhere* these days. Everyone wants access to one another's accounts in order to accomplish login and this would be great if only it would work properly. Naturally it doesn't.

Oh yeah, to the point, what model Sony camera did you get Jim? I can't see where you actually stated this.

And the reason the photo of your Dad came out so well is you did something with the composition that many people fail to do when taking pictures! You filled the frame with your subject! It's Composition, not camera gear, megapixels, lenses or gadgets, that makes the biggest difference between a portrait and a snapshot!

Jim Howard

Yes, you are correct on the composition. I filled the entire photo just with his face. That is what made it so good.
God, I do not want people doing that with a photo of me. Smile
The camera I got the other days is a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H55. I need to do a better review of it than the one the other day. I did not show the zoom at all. I also need to talk about the "Intelligent Auto" and I need to show what the Sweep Panorama will do.
The Sweep Panormama I want to use to make some mastheads for my sites.. If I can find some skyline here in Fort Worth.
I also hate all these sign in options on sits. They are just a pain in the ass.

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