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Tuesday, October 19, 2010



Two useless bums!! Now that you need them, they act they usually lazy ass selfs. Your grandson has ALWAYS been lazy, never really wanted to work and only cares about video games. I admit, I am actually upset considering I like you and know how much you could use some help right now, I hope the little twat read this and realizes what people think of him!!!

Jim Howard

My grandson IS lazy at home. But he is working and he never misses a day of work. He often has to walk for one hour just to get to work.
He is a hard worker, at work, and a very good employee.

His early childhood was VERY dis-functional. I feel lucky that he has turned out as well as he has.

I do wish he would on his own help out from time to time. He is getting better.

I am a little to blame. I do what needs to be done and it is rare for me to ask for help.
He was getting ready for bed ...just now... my ex-wife as my laptop so she can watch Dexter and I asked Russ to set my desktop on the desk so I can hook it up and use it. He did it right away and even plugged in the power cord for me. Smile

I know you are a friend.. try to not dislike my kids. They are important to me.

It is very rare for a family member to read my blogs. I like that.. They like that. Smile

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