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Saturday, November 27, 2010



I'm on Comcast's 50mb service, I'm lucky if I see 20mbps with it most of the time though.

Google Voice isn't a VoIP service, what it is, basically is a way to consolidate your phone #'s with one main master number. You pick a # and assign it to all your other phones (Cell #, Home #, Skype #, etc etc) and when someone rings your Google Voice # it rings all of your phones, so you can be reached no matter where you are. I only give that # out to people I want to be able to reach me no matter where I am. Otherwise I just give my cell #.

I looked into Hulu+ and I'm not impressed. Their selection is okay but you still have to sit through commercials. If you already have cable there is absolutely no reason to get Hulu+, especially if you have a DVR and can record your shows. Netflix is another matter altogether, I use that all the time. No commercials, inexpensive, lots of things to choose from. I also dropped down to the $7.99 streaming only plan. I wouldn't put a disc in my player that came through the mail in a paper envelope, that's asking for trouble. :) But streaming is nice. They're a tad behind on most movies and shows but there's plenty there to keep most anybody happy. I've caught up on a lot of TV series I'd never have seen otherwise using Netflix.

Jim Howard

I pay for 16M down and rare to see that speed.
I have Google Voice set up if a call comes in to my Skype (home) number and I do not answer it transfers it to my cell phone number. I do not give out my cell phone number.
Seems like a person could do more with Google Voice.


It's all about consolidating really. People have multiple lines, home, cell, skype, work, etc. That's where it becomes useful really. If you just have skype and your cell, you're not going to realize it's potential very much. I link it to both Roy's and my cell phones, the house line (Vonage) and Skype, but I only give that number to a very select few people because obviously I don't want all our lines ringing for something like "Oh, what ya doing?", "Uh, nothing", "Yeah, just called to say hi, well bye!" :) But I give it to my doctor, the pharmacy, my mom, one of my sisters, one online contact and they know it's for emergencies only and that's it. 99% of the calls that come to the house phone I ignore because they're either scams or telemarketers, honestly I'm considering dropping that phone entirely. At this point, the cell is all I need really.

Jim Howard

I also do not give out my phone number. Just family and Rx and doctor's offices etc.
I sometimes think I should just go with the cell phone. I would have everything right there. Right now I have 300 minutes. I never use any of them but if it was the only phone I had my ex-wife would use up the minutes each month calling me. So if I do go with just the cell phone I will upgrade to unlimited minutes.


Unlimited is expensive isn't it? At that rate wouldn't it be cheaper to have something like Vonage for all the calls you don't want to actually answer or pay too much for? That's pretty much what I do. The house line gets calls from everybody, I just let the answering machine take it and if it's someone I know I return the call. It also has voice caller ID, if it's someone in the phone's directory it tries to say their name. I say tries because, have you ever heard one of those things? They're worse than Microsoft Sam, they can't manage to pronounce one syllable names. If Roy calls from his cell, it says "Call From Ru-ey, Sail". Ugh! :)

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