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Sunday, November 28, 2010



Anyone reading this who remembers your old live cam streams need not have an imagination. :) hahahahaha.

Jim Howard

Yes.. I am not much for getting dressed up when I am home. One reason is I have to get to the bathroom often to take a leak and most of the time I don't get a stream .. just dripping and with undershorts on some will get on them for sure.. I guess if I had a longer penis it would help.. But I don't so I am often without pants.
I would stream video on my blog but none of the streaming places allow you to be nude and I don't want to have to stay dressed just so I can send out video.
But doing video is neat.. But not sure anyone wants to see a fat old bald man sitting (nude) at his computer. I don't blame them.


Wouldn't be allowed on YouTube anyway. Of course you could render your own FLV's and install an FLV player script. So no streaming sites allow nudity anymore? I know there are some but they're pay sites, a friend of mine uses one, can't remember the name of it though, but it costs him like $100 a year. I wonder, have you looked at Wirecast? (Ignore the price of the software), if they stream to anything you can use, I can hook you up with a copy of the program.

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