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Monday, November 29, 2010



Have to agree with you and it's hypocrisy for the networks and the press to decry Wikileaks and then publish and broadcast the material. Seems to me everyone in the chain of divulgences is liable along with the PFC who downloaded the material.

In the real world however once something is "out" it's out worldwide simultaneously and is deemed public domain. It's funny that the press does observe some ground rules - generally doesn't release names of sex crime victim and other facts involving individuals. In this case where harm can come to our entire country they feel no responsibility. In fact the press ran to publish the most inflammatory items before actual release.

You won't boycott the New York Times - you may try but the news from the Times is everywhere and you'll read Times stories and columns even without knowing it so they'll suffer no consequences.

I think it's irresponsible up and down the line and even more so when outlets with the broadest reach perpetuate the original sin. Does that mean I'm for censorship - yep in cases of national security and our behind the scenes international relations. The material probably won't surprise out allies - they know international diplomacy is hard ball and the public stance of a country isn't always the same as the behind the scenes stance - but it gives cynics and those who wish us ill ammo and leaverage. And many of the personal asides should probably not been put down in writing in the first place.

Jim's right again on this one - what a record!

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