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Monday, November 15, 2010



I have to agree with you on loving all of this new technology! I tried your QR code this morning and it works perfect. I went to StickerScan.com and ordered a QR code sticker for my car. I hope i am as "tech savvy" as you when I turn 70!!

-Cody Pitchford


I just tried that with my Epic 4G Android using a QR reader app and it worked fine from a paper copy. It did not work when i tried it onscreen.

There were quite a few QR Code reader apps when i did an app search. I picked one that had the least bad reviews. Every app created has bad reviews - it must be fun to give an app a lousy review so you have to sort of discount the reviews and take them with a grain of salt. My app was a freebie of course called QR Code Sim .

When i open the app my screen goes to a live display -as if in photo mode. There is a window within the display and i have to have the QR coded graphic in that window. On my app there are a couple of blinking green dots that home in on those large squares in the QR coded graphic - and when they recognize the coding it displays the URL and gives me a menu at the bottom that lets me go to the URL or forward it by email or SMS. It's fairly forgiving - I had it printed on paper and could hold the paper somewhat obliquely to the phone/camera and it would recognize that it had a QR code but the blinking dots didn't lock in till I squared it up and got the size right for the highlighted window.

Not sure where I'll encounter QR coded items but same app works with regular bar codes and i just tried it with a paperback book I had here and it correctly ID'd it as "The Oxford Paperback Italian Dictionary".

Pretty cool. I did have to get the bar code in a "just right" position for the reader to lock onto it. Again a blinking green light showed it was working.

Yeah, neat.


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