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Friday, December 24, 2010



A good remembrance . Gene Autry's Code of the Cowboys didn't strike me as familiar but I found out that quite a few radio and TV cowboys had a code similar but different and I was thinking of Roy Roger's Rider Club Rules.

They'e all good - located this compilation of quite a few Cowboy Codes - all of which seem to have been written by parents in the 1950s since they included minding your mom and dad and a lot of other platitudes.


The Lone Ranger had a particularly thoughtful and deep Code - didn't know he was such a philosopher and writer.

Think I like the next to last one best - Code of the West- simple, not as sappy as some of the others, easier to remember if you're a kid or a cowboy.

Have a good Christmas ... keep up the good work and congrats on finally getting some recognition as first blogger. A prophet is without honor in his own land - yours had to come from France of all places! But it came and it's good to see.

Dick in Kansas City Missouri

Inch of snow which will likely be around tomorrow for our second white Christmas in a row.

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