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Tuesday, December 14, 2010



I fear for my sanity speaking up on this subject because it seems everyone I know is in the "We support Assange" camp. I know so very few people who think this guy is a complete asshole. I finally put it to a few friends tonight that if we even just forget the idea that what he's done is criminal, just forget that for a moment, the idea of giving this guy any kind of credit for doing anything at all is absurd. What exactly has he done here? He put up a MediaWiki site and hosted it somewhere that it's hard to get it shut down. I know at least 100 people under the age of 12 who could do exactly what he's doing here. Then I hear the nonsense about freedom of the press and him being a journalist. No, he is NOT a journalist, not even in the most unrealistic and out of left field way is this man any kind of journalist. Even if he DID go through all the documents himself and just find the instances where the people in question were guilty of some wrong-doing (war crimes for example) and he published just those documents, that doesn't make him a journalist, though it'd go a long way towards making him SLIGHTLY more credible as a human being in general. But what did he do really? Well, honestly he did exactly nothing. Short of paying the hosting fees and letting people throw multi-thousand page confidential documents on his little goofy Wiki site, which requires zero effort on his part, he did not one dammed thing. But people are trying to turn this ass clown into some kind of martyr, claiming he's done something (good or bad) when in fact he's done nothing at all except put up a stupid Wiki. Encyclopedia Dramatica has done the same thing, they use it to insult and degrade everyone on the internet whenever possible but that doesn't mean they can think their way out of a wet paper bag. Hell, they can't even spell paper bag!

In the end, my friends couldn't argue with the points I'd made but they still felt that he'd done something "good" and that "needed to be done". They felt that it was important to expose the evil things our government has done and is doing. Ya know, I'd agree with that to a point. If our government is or was involved in things that were criminal then of course it should be exposed. But not in the "throw every top secret document you can find at the wall and see which ones stick" brain-dead manner that Julian Assange has done it. Not in a way that puts the lives of anyone else at risk. There's a right way to do something and a wrong way and this guy is the epitome of how not do do something. He IS a criminal, maybe not a rapist, those charges seem to be pretty much made up bullshit, but he's very much a criminal and should be treated like one. But good luck getting 99% of the people online to agree with that. They're going to label you a right wing nutjob if you even suggest it without knowing the first thing about you. This is exactly what that bonehead Sean Bedlam did to me on Facebook. Because I disagreed with his stance on Assange being canonized he and his brainwashed followers started slamming me with hate on FB and I was forced to go around blocking people like crazy, just because I said I thought Assange was essentially as good as a terrorist. You wouldn't believe some of the disgusting things these people said. They honestly have a disturbing cult like mentality about this creep.

Lets just hope he doesn't meet with an "accident" because if that happens, it'll be instant martyrdom for real with this nut bag and we'll NEVER hear the end of it and there'll be even more crazy shit going on and our government and our authorities are in no way equipped to deal with any kind of electronic threats. You put any of those people in front of a computer and they'll say "Oh, what's this fancy typewriter for?" Ugh!

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