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Sunday, January 16, 2011



The budget cuts written about above have already occured. I live in Phoenix and have severally mentally & physically ill brother. He can barely walk. Cannot drive, take buses and doesn't have any support system to get to Dr appts. I am physically disabled and canot take him or afford taxi's. WE have no other family.

The mental-health medication he was on, AZ stopped paying for. It was an ani-psychotic that didn't increase blood sugar. He also has diabetes. There are no anti-psyotics that AZ will pay for that does not increase blood sugar. So his mental & physical medications (AZ contributes nothing to the medications for his physical health) are contra-indicated. No one cares. He has no way to get to Dr appts, no one cares. His physical health is deteroriating rapidly as he is on mental health medication that is endangering his health. But not taking anti-psyotics would mean him becoming homeless and probably dying quickly. He had tons (50-100 treatments)of shock therapy and other horrific treatments when in an institution in New York as a teen-ager. he was never violent, aggressive or dangerous in any way, These were all forced on him. Many people think that ened in the 50's or 60's. No he was getting forced shock treatments and "worse" I've been told, regularly in the 80's ass teen-ager. He was abused by our mental health care system in New York. The treatment he received there was so backwads and abusive it was barbiac.

Oddly Georgia was the state my brother received the best treatemnt and got a life back. Atlanta was light years ahead in the area of mental health care & treatment.

Then we made the mistake of moving to this God-Forsaken city (Phoenix)and it is literally killing him. I did not realize that there was such a difference in medical treatment from state to state. We don't live in the US. We live in the state we live in and are protected or abused by the laws of that state. So many people move here from other cities and like it until they need medical care of any kind. AZ literally has no consumer protection laws. After al the consumer is just a himan being and in AZ human beings don't count for much. Business and money are what is important here. And the reason the new idoit Gov is making the changes she is, is because that is what the people of AZ want. They want racist laws because AZ's are RACIST. And unless a member of their own family is mentally or physically disabled they do not care about anyone else. It is a loveless city.

That is the bottom line to the stupidity. There is no caring about other people. It's just coyote eat coyote here in Phoenix.

If you have a disability of any kind and need any type of assistance (or even if you don't), DO NOT move to Arizona.

He does not have a case worker, there is no half-way homes that he qualifies to live in. I have spent over 1,000 hours trying to get help for my brother.

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