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Sunday, January 09, 2011



I know you feel strongly about this but my personal opinion is that children should be issued a gun at birth, a full automatic M16 with armor piercing rounds. Perhaps a grenade launcher and maybe a few 45 hand guns. I had to wait a week for each of my gun purchases, I didn't appreciate it and I don't approve of it. It's my right to own a gun, not just for self defense or hunting but to, if need be, overthrow a tyrannical government or to form a militia if need be. Every punk who pushes drugs knows where to get an illegal gun but every innocent schmuck who gets caught in the crossfire of some drive-by shooting can't defend themself. That, I'm sorry to say is a load of crap. We don't live in England, we aren't England and never were. Their ideas about guns would never work here. I want to be able to walk down the street with an automatic strapped to my back and two hand guns strapped to my hips and not have to answer to anyone for it. Because it's not the guy with the guns he's showing you have to worry about, it's the punk with the illegal gun he's hiding under his 5xl t-shirt and baggy pants you have to worry about. We once had a neighbor's dog go after our dog, our dog was on leash, the neighbor's was not. Our dog however, was much larger and won the fight, the neighbor's dog wasn't hurt but the neighbors got very angry and started a feud with us. The next day I was awakened by Roy banging on the front door, the neighbors and their friends had him surrounded and would not let him in the house and were threatening him. I opened the door and showed my 20 gauge Mossberg riot gun to the mob and told them to clear the fuck off or I'd gladly blow their fucking heads off. I then notified the police. I later found out that it was only because I called the police first that I didn't go to jail because, get this, it's illegal to even be SEEN with a firearm IN YOUR OWN HOME, let alone to use it for protection of your home and family and you can do five years mandatory for it. That's bullshit and it's wrong! That's not the America I want to live in, that's disgusting. My father DID serve 5 years on a mandatory bullshit gun law because he went out on his landing (second story) to scare off a gang of thugs who'd just thrown an ice ball through our store window, breaking the window and cutting my sister's face up. They threw a rock at him, he went down, the gun went off and one of the scumbag punks got put in the ground for a dirt nap. For this my father did 5 years in a state prison. What the hell ever happened to being allowed to defend your home and family?

Of course it's not right for a nutcase to go around shooting innocent people. However if even one of those innocent people were ALLOWED to carry a gun he might not have gotten as far as he did, he might have been taken out before anyone was killed, who knows? However nut cases and criminals will ALWAYS be able to get weapons. It's law abiding citizens that these laws prevent from protecting themselves and their family and property. No criminal has ever been thwarted by gun laws and no criminal ever will. Only law abiding citizens are thwarted by these absurd laws.


P.S. Card carrying member of the NRA since 1984.

Jim Howard

Why am I not surprised? Smile


Hell man, YOU live in Texas! Don't give me that. :) Have you been issued your 25lb belt buckle yet? (snicker)


talking about a nut case--wow--are you actually a real person or a typical nra nut. Who said Jarared was crazy the nra helped him get the gun--right so he must of been a normal gun owner-right. Get a life --retard

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