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Monday, January 17, 2011



May have the makings of a reality show there - each week Jim is naked in a different Florida town or on a beach mabye - gets himself arrested for blogging while crossing a street or driving then resists arrest and gets Tasered.

You could work your way up and down the state - could have great appeal to a niche audience if you can just ID that audience. Shows have been built around nuttier premises than that.


I'd put up his bail money each time. What channel would be most appropriate

Jim Howard

Let me see how about the Decovery Channel? No, not much to see.
The Comedy Channel because people could wait for me to scream like a school girl each time I got tasered.
Not sure what channel.

Where would I carry my bail bond money? In fact where would I carry my ID?

Jim Howard

It would not be hard to get tasered in FL. They did a number of kids in the 1st grade.
In the show you could wonder how long will it take for Jim to get tasered?
Also you could wonder what is he going to scream out this time?
Then we would need some way to make sure one camera would be on my face when I got hit with the taser just to capture the funny look on my face.

At the end of season 1 we have me fall off a building or into water when I get tasered...So people have to tune into the next season to see if I died or not.
Then for season 2 we add a EEG strip on the bottom of the screen. It runs all during the show but when I get tasered it goes nuts and people might like to watch it.

Wonder if anyone could do a cartoon like this? I wish I could draw. Have me in the cartoon only able to get an sexual release if I get tasered.


Ah, obviously you guys haven't noticed but it's the History channel that's carrying the crazy stuff these days. Ancient Aliens, American Pickers, even Animal Planet has a show about ghosts now. WTF?!?! So I'd say either History or Animal Planet.

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