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Wednesday, February 23, 2011



I just got the Froyo or Android 2.2 update on my Samsung Epic 4g (Sprint) last night and have seen some of the changes.

Several changes to the look of text and email messages - text messages are in colored frames or balloons now - and the email app allows scolling from message to message without going back to the message list - that'll be handy. More color to the icons.

I don't do games on the phone and the speed diff will be harder for me to notice since display speed usually hasn't been a factor in my use of the Epic. There are times when it gets overloaded - too may apps running - the compiler changes increases may help with that. Hope so. Not sure if it'll let me move old apps to the SD card - hope so as I'm using over 50% of my onboard space currently - i could see that I'd run out of room and need to kill some apps to add new ones - the SD card should alleviate that problem for a long time.

I see my Weather Channel app isn't working under 2.2 so I'll reload that and try to resurrect it. It's one I use every day. Hope to find the it handles situations were I have a lot of apps resident better - that'll be a nice change if it happens. Won't know that for a while - till next time i try to a have 8 or 9 apps going at once.

Oh, yeah - the brownser handels bookmarks differntly now. Used to get to my bookmarks via MENU-->BOOKMARKS. New under 22 they're on a STAR or Favorites button on the top of the browser screen. That threw me at first - couldn't find my bookmarks but they're just accessed a different way which saves a keystroke. All of my existing bookmarks were intact.


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