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Wednesday, March 30, 2011



Read about this on my NPR news feed the other day, I knew you'd have something about it on your blog. I'm not surprised at all really, by this story, nope. The guy struck me as a jackass then and it seemed to me there were likely some internal family issues there.

Jim Howard

I missed the news of his arrest. Someone commented on his arrest on the video on YouTube so I did a search to see if it was true.
I would have forgot all about this girl and her fucked up family except the video I made has got over 29,000 views and each time a comment is made, and 301 comments were made, I get an email and I think about the story.
I been wondering what happened to her and her family.
I guess we know now. It was to be expected.
The older she gets the worst things are going to get for her and her family. I do not see things turning out good for her.

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