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Friday, March 18, 2011



Jim, try this stuff...

If you're a Coke lover this may be the answer for you. I switched to an all Splenda diet years ago and was never able to taste the difference between it and sugar. I'm unable to use Aspertame or several other artificial sweeteners but Splenda has worked for me. Also any of the Stevia related products like Truvia work well but I haven't seen a Coke product that uses that.

As far as the swelling goes, are you on a diuretic? If not, perhaps you should discuss the idea with your doctor, obviously you're retaining fluids.

Jim Howard

Yes the doctor is not happy with me retaining the water.
He has upped the water pill to 40 mg a day and I still go the swelling.
If I do eat foods I can get the swelling down.
The two times I was in the hospital when I came home no swelling.
So it is diet.

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