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Saturday, April 30, 2011



I wish sometimes we'd give all those who dodged Vietnam a break. Anyone in their right mind would want to avoid going to war. If anyone of us had enough money to pay our way out of it, anyone of us would do too.

If it was me, I'd be more concerned about those with a wealthy, priviliged background, who still chose to go to Vietnam.

Jim Howard

I agree that now so much time has gone by that bring up did someone serve in the military in Vietnam should not be an issue EXCEPT in the cases like Donald Thrump.
Because he is saying that if he was President of the United States that he would go to war to take oil from the nations that have it PLUS he is making other wild statements about the MILITARY action that he would be ready to take.
Now if John McCain would make those statements that is one thing but from a guy that went out of his way NOT to serve in the military and now he is saying he would send them into harms way ... I think we should look at the background and service to the nation.

Not sure I understand why you think we should be concerned about people that love their nation so much that they want to serve in the military.
I also detect, and I hope I am wrong, that you are saying that military service is for the lower class and un-educated.


I guess what I am saying is that FORCED active service is is impressed upon the lower class and "un-educated".


I would hope it was true, that any person who has seen active service, would do anything within their power to prevent conflict. Looking at history, I'm not so sure that this happens.

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