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Friday, June 10, 2011



I have been searching the way out to clean my Facebook Wall for a couple of hours and I landed here. :-)

I also discovered th web site CleanMyWall.com but in fact I am skeptic about this kind of scripts. Are you sure that this web site is harmless? Can it grab personel info or even password of my account?

Joe Taibi

There rae two ways to look at it. I don't believe it can grab your password due to the fact it never asks for it and it's not one of those facebook "apps" that demands access to goodness knows what on your profile but simply a script that goes down your wall one article at a time starting after the last number you told it to keep and clicking X and responding to those repetitive questions you otherwise have to do yourself to delete each one manually. Could they make it go rogue and change your password? I don't think so because even if it did try there's a FB safeguard that sends you a confirmation email to do that! There's even one for changing your default email address so, foiled again. Your pw isn't available in clear text and again,it isn't an app that can get the code! Do what you wish. So far I've used it and nothing has happened other than I now have only the most recent 20 posts in my profile on any given day I choose to run it. It is a script however and there is a risk it could change some settings but if it has,it's put them back every time so far. All in all. I use it but I must admit I'd prefer to be able to download and see the script I'm executing so yeah, use at your own risk. Clear as mud?:)

Joe Taibi

Jim I'm confused. I can post an article without moderation yet not respond to its comments without it. There's something wrong with this picture. Don't post the last reply please.

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