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Monday, July 04, 2011



Those look pretty anemic from what I can see of them in that pic. I wouldn't think they were a good example of FGT's. As for the chick flick thing, that happens when you pass 65 from what I can tell. I think once you hit 60 you start changing sexes. Let me know if you start having a desire to watch Heathers and watch a lot of Murder She Wrote and other Lifetime stuff. If that happens, I'll send you a rainbow flag, fly it with pride Jim. :)

Jim Howard

I can not even let on that I watch those movies since I live in Texas. I sure could not fly a rainbow flag in Texas. They would tie me to a pickup truck and drag me all over Texas.
Not sure what the "Heathers" is so that is a good sign.
I never have watched "Murder She Wrote" so I think I am safe for a year or two.

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