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Friday, August 05, 2011



I hear they have the hottest babes on Fox News. Better be careful when you watch it. They just might convert you to a conservative, and you'll be going to those Tea Party meetings outside in the heat with a "Where's the Birth Certificate" sign. Better take some cold showers before you watch.


Jim Howard

Well sure if they got the hottest woman I will convert to right wing Tea Party in a second. Sex over political views any day of the week.
Now sex is super important...But even a hot RepubliCON woman can not be to stupid. She has to have a few brain cells. I have seen a few of the women on Fox News and I am not sure they have the miminum number of brain cells.
I think there is some scale someplace that you use to decide if you should switch. The Fox News woman got the legs, lacking in the boobs department so just have to add everything up.

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