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Monday, September 19, 2011


Matthew Martin

I have Charter cable and starting having issues the night of the storms too. I live just a few miles south of you in Benbrook and My charter runs fine for the most part. My problem is that when I do loose connection (power loss or some such), it is quite a hassle getting back up. I usually have to call them and have a remote reset performed since no reset at my end ever fixes it.

I just passed my HAM test a few days ago and ordered my first radio last night. Maybe I will run into you on the airwaves. Loved your review on Echolink.

Jim Howard

My ex-wife still does not have phone service. But right now my cable TV and Internet is working great. Something happened the night it started raining. I hope we do not have any more problems.
Great on passing the ham test. Now you and I need to study for the General license.
For sure we will talk on the radio. I could be your first contact when you get your radio. If I went out side with my HT I bet we could talk simplex (without the repeater).
Your welcome to come over for an eye ball to eye ball contact. I live behind the Electric Cowboy in those apartments.
73 OM and again great on becoming a ham.


Matthew Martin

I am eager to get my first radio. I chose the FT-60R and ordered it last night. I will be on the air hopefully starting next week on the 2m and 70cm bands. I purchased an aftermarket antenna (Diamond SRH77CA) to help it reach better than the stock antenna. My call is KF5MTE. Do you participate in any HAM clubs in the area? What bands do you operate in normally. I took the test with a friend who is the Emergency Management coordiantor for the Military base to your north. I work with him a lot. He bought a FT-270R, so he will only be in the 2m band.

Jim Howard

The FT-60R is a nice radio. I was thinking of getting one but then I got a cheap Wouxun HT (2 meter/440).
Since you got a friend with a 2 meter HT he can be your first 2 meter contact and maybe I can be your first 440 contact.
I do not know if you have been doing any listening but now days there is very little activity on 2 meters and 440. Cell phones and computers have taken their toll of ham radio and most of all VHF/UHF.
I have been in Fort Worth for over and year and I do not think I have talked to anyone ham radio.
I did use my Android phone and the EchoLink app to check into some sites in Missouri and talk to some people.
Going to be a good pass today for the shuttle and they will be talking to a school in LA on 2 meters.
I need to join the Lockheed Martin club. They are close and they have a club station and have a meeting each Thursday at the base.
I monitor the two lockheed Martin repeaters most of the time. But I would like to find a good 440 repeater that is also EchoLink. But I do not have an outside antenna so it has to be one that I can hit with my HT.
73 Jim NØUWY

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