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Friday, September 09, 2011



I agree whole heartdly with your comments. It was a tragedy, it was heartbreaking. I am sorry for someone who lost someone during the attacks, however, your loss is not any more important than my loss. People die everyday, we remember them and then move on.


I totally agree with your statements, but it is not to the advantage of politicians to put things in perspective. The events have been rehashed all week long on every radio station with new stories of heroes and saviors. And while it would make people hate you to say that you are tired of hearing about it, I really can't voice this opinion because I am a Muslim girl and I really don't need anyone trying to accuse me of anything I'm not a part of.

Joe Taibi

Jim, I don't know what happens to my posts here. I type and hit post and never see them. As a test I just tried preview and it flashed across the screen and vanished. Now there's nothing here to go ahead and click "post" on w/o retyping the entire comment. Guess I have to give up?

Joe Taibi

It's not in the interest of the military industrial complex (our chief economic force remaining other than the private prison industry) to clarify the events and let it go. That's why, rather than rebuilding the trade center as the newest, tallest structures in the world as a show of US Strength and resolve, they chose to immortalize what by all official accounts was the worst historical failure of our defense forces with a giant crater/waterfall instead. It keeps people sad and angry! So they'll keep wanting to fight whoever they're next told is against us and might do it again.

Jim Howard

After the fall of the USSR people were saying that we would have money to do good useful things. The sort of things the Democrats love to do.
I said no the military industrial complex will come up with a new enemy that we have to spend money to fight and that we have to buy high tech stuff to fight them and I said there would be no money left over for social things. I was right.
When Bush had his first term I said the guy was stupid.
When he had his second term I was saying that maybe I was wrong and he was super smart because it looked to me like he was trying to bring our economy and cause a crash and that then that would put an end to our ability to take care of the things like Social Security and Medicare. God, I was right again.
We can not win.
I do not see any way it is going to improve.
I do not agree that both the Democrats AND the Republicans are the same. I see the Republicans has evil and very very bad men.
I see the Democrats as stupid, weak and bad men.
Great choice when we go to vote.

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