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Monday, February 27, 2012



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Of course there are a lot of rich people that drive old beaters and pay cash for them and a lot of poor people living paycheck to paycheck that buy brand new cars on easy credit so that theory may not work out too well :)


Hey Jim,

Don't you think you're doing a little damage to the 14th Amendment to the Constitution? What about that pesky little phrase "...equal protection of the law"? Do you think that applies to rich folks and poor folks equally?

I think you're taking your version of liberalism to new lows.

Jim Howard

You are correct. I sort of knew a guy that had over a million dollars. Not sure how much. He other peoples left over food at work. He washed at work so he did not have to use water at home etc.
And you are correct he had an old beat up car.
He had some medical problems one time and he would not see a doctor because of an office visit fee.
I wish I was his next of kin. Smile

Jim Howard

Well we would have to change the laws of course... I believe in the rule of law.
We could change the government.
I am not saying hang all bankers. Smile


No, no. It's not just a law. You are advocating changing our constitution. The very basis of our way of life. Equality. Justice for all. Fairness. These words have meaning to me. Our system may have its flaws, but it beats the hell out of whatever comes in second best.

By the way, I even like living in Texas!


Hanging for White Collar Crime?? You got to be kidding! I'd been swinging in the wind a long time ago. But,seriously, this is not the Constitution, it's Sharia law. See below:

Youcef Nadarkhani Executed:
Christian Pastor Hanged in Iran for Being Christian

Youcef Nadarkhani has been executed in Iran. He is the Christian pastor who has been imprisoned and found guilty by the courts in Iran of being a Christian. Now he’s been executed in spite of international appeals to spare his life. He was hanged today.
Youcef Nadarkhani was arrested in 2009 for being a Christian in a muslim country – specifically Iran. The 34-year-old father and husband was charged with refusing to convert to Islam. He was given the opportunity to renounce his Christian religion and refused, resulting is his condemnation and sentence to death by hanging.
There is breaking news that he has been put to death by hanging because of his refusal to renounce his Christian religion and acceptance of islam


Evidently the hanging was a hoax, but he's still on "death row".

By Katherine Weber , Christian Post Reporter
March 5, 2012|11:55 am
The American Center for Law and Justice's sources in Iran confirmed Saturday that Iranian pastor Youcef Nadarkhani is in fact alive, and rumors that he was to be executed over the weekend were false.

Photos surfaced on the Internet Saturday, allegedly showing a blindfolded Nadarkhani facing execution by hanging. These photos are outdated and false, the ACLJ reported Saturday.

Although Nadarkhani is still alive, the ACLJ does still believe that Iranian courts have issued an execution order. In the past, Iran has not informed the public of an execution, oftentimes dropping the prisoner's executed body on the family's doorstep.


PS to my earlier comment: If anyone should be hanged for a non-violent crime, it should be the assholes who think it's funny to originate a hoax in the hope it will go viral and they can brag to their idiot friends. What a waste of time and bandwidth.

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