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Thursday, April 19, 2012


Dick Williams

I agree that there will be jobs offered since ex Secret Service and ex FBI are sought after. Financially they may well be making more money a year from now and will probably "survive" the embarrassment. If they were near retirement. I suspect some are being allowed to resign to preserve retirement benefits even if they're not old enough yet to collect - since they're law enforcement I believe they're eligible ahead of other Fed employees who already have a sweet deal with retirement at age 55.

Lots of GIs, oil company execs and just ordinary men have engaged the services of local women when overseas so that fact alone isn't unusual for govt or private sector employees when on foreign shores. And prostitution is legal in that city - but no way should Secret Service and those connected with Presidential security be engaging prostitutes.

They had a signal from their sups that it was ok and I'll guess past practice led them the think they'd get away with it. Heck the sups were probably leading the scouting party. Pretty sure the enterprising press will be checking other cities where the security teams have been set up. This group had to have been following a game plan and past practice.

Names? Should they be named by the press? There may be some deterrent benefit - could give the next crew of agents pause if they recall the fallout on families. You're right the names mean nothing to the general public and not sure how or why they were released since there's no public record of this so far - no trial or court appearances. Probably never will be - it's all administrative action within the agency.

Dumb and arrogant and disrespectful to their position. There will probably be hearings in Congress. Will be interesting if they call some of the agents to testify. That does become public record.

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